Working at Unity Studios

Unity Studios gives you the opportunity to become part of an innovative and progressive software development company. Collaboration and team effort are key here, and we take great pride in the customized products we deliver to our customers.

At Unity Studios, we help each other towards constant improvement, making sure we keep everyone up-to-date and at the forefront of the newest as well as future development. If you wish to become the newest member of our talented team, then keep reading.

Stay up to date

At Unity Studios, we have a constant focus strengthening our employees and developing their skills. We prioritize to explore and gain new insights into the ever-changing world of technological development and Unity 3D.

Team spirit and passion

The high standard of products we deliver is made possible by the quality of our employees. A diversity of knowledge and skill-sets ensure well-rounded and thorough applications, and our agile approach means you will get to work in many different small teams that leverage everyone’s fullest potential when solving the particular task at hand.

Sharing is caring

We love quirky knowledge and share our insights with each other often––as a minimum during our “Knowledge Exchange Fridays”. Preferably with a drink and some snacks to elevate the discussions and keep spirits high before weekend sets in.