Technology: Mixed Reality Client: Grundfos Keywords: mixed-reality

Unity Studios has in collaboration with Grundfos developed a Remote Support solution, which removed geographical distances from the equation of service of Grundfos installations. Previously, an expert had to travel to the location of the customer in order to provide service and maintenance. By using Mixed Reality and AI technology, this is no longer required. The Remote Support solution provides significant savings related to travel –and downtime expenses while simultaneously provide Grundfos’ customers with a reliable solution, which ensures that problems and be resolved quickly as an on-site technician is guided by a remote expert, located anywhere in the world, through a Microsoft HoloLens.
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Technology: Virtual Reality Client: EVRT Keywords: interactive, simulation, Unity 3D, virtual reality

EVRT is a virtual solution that enables training of emergency personnel in case of large emergency situations. EVRT enables training and optimization of decision-making abilities, communication, and triage. In EVRT, the participant enters a virtual reality environment and can train specific situations repeatedly. The participant will receive ongoing live feedback and be evaluated in various situations and decisions which is made.
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GKN Aerospace

Technology: Virtual Reality Client: GKN Aerospace Keywords: interactive, simulation, Unity 3D, virtual reality

In collaboration with Unity Studios, GKN Aerospace developed a virtual reality solution, VEGA, with the purpose to engage visitors in the GKN Aerospace universe. Moreover, the solution enables employees to experience how their work contributes to organizational goals and provides GKN Aerospace with an interactive tool for exciting stakeholder presentations.
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Saxo Bank developed a VR in-house multiuser platform

Saxo Bank

Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Saxo Bank Keywords: multi-user, Unity 3D, virtual reality

In collaboration with Unity Studios, Saxo Bank developed a virtual in-house multiuser platform, SVE, which establishes a secure and steady digital solution for meetings and collaboration between Saxo-employees and the company's offices on a global scale.
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Multiuser VR model of Total Tyra platform


Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Total Keywords: collaboration, design, multi-user

To bring the new Tyra platforms to life, years before they are built, the Total team behind the Tyra Redevelopment and Unity Studios have developed a multi-user VR solution.
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A banner image of a Grundfos employee using a Microsoft Hololens to access augmented reality


Technology: Augmented Reality Client: Grundfos Keywords: HoloLens, mixed-reality, remote-maintenance

To visualize Grundfos vision for the future workforce, a Mixed Reality experience was designed and developed to showcase how field-technicians could use interactive 3D to operate more effectively in the future.
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microsoft interactive installations

Microsoft UK

Technology: Interactive Installations Client: Microsoft Keywords: interactive, kinect

At the London headquarter, Microsoft had a vision of presenting their Bing search engine by the use of a media-wall, which visitors could engage with. The solutions were a Kinect supported interactive wall installation.
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small image of two grundfos employees trying virtual reality


Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Grundfos Keywords: virtual reality, virtual training

Utilizing the power of VR, Grundfos and Unity Studios has succeeded in making an intuitive and interactive training module that improve retention of new knowledge and minimize time spent on training.
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Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Velux Keywords: CAD, simulation, Unity 3D

A virtual reality solution that allows users to walk around and explore how Velux windows improve a home in various light settings.
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microsoft denmark

Microsoft Denmark

Technology: Interactive Installations Client: Microsoft Keywords: interactive, kinect

Microsoft Denmark had a vision of innovating their reception area and making it more engaging for visitors than traditional artwork. The solutions were an interactive installation that uses various sources of input to change and come alive.
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Technology: Interactive Installations Client: Lindbergh Keywords: billboard, interactive, kinect

To grab attention, create something interactive, and pleasing to look at, whilst advertising Lindbergh's brand and products, Lindbergh and Unity Studios designed an interactive wall installation in CPH Airport.
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Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Kongskilde Keywords: prototype, simulator, virtual

How to collect feedback in the early stage of product development? Kongskilde uses VR. By allowing users to try their product in VR, Kongskilde got valuable insights before the design was finalized and send to production.
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