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Augmented reality app

Technology: Augmented Reality Client: Bolia Keywords: furniture, interior design


Bolia is a Danish company that produces furniture. However, they define themselves as much through their design and creativity in the company as anything else. Bolia appreciates good design and thoughtful processes, which is evident when you take a look at their Scandinavian design products.


Furniture is a challenge to envisage in one’s home – even the best designed sofa will not look good absolutely everywhere. Visualization is therefore key. Bolia teamed up with the advertising agency, Uncle Grey (part of GREY), to create a phone application that would make furniture selection an interesting and interactive experience.


Unity Studios was brought in to consult Uncle Grey on the front-end application design. When Bolia and Uncle Grey decided on the augmented reality (AR) solution, Unity Studios was the partner that created the AR part of the app. The augmented reality component of the app lets customers view Bolia furniture as 3D models placed in their own home – through their iPad and iPhone. Using the app, potential customers can look through their smartphone at a physical marker and watch as their Bolia sofa comes into existence as a 3D model. The user can then change materials and fabrics, grab the sofa, scale it, and place it anywhere in their home to get a 3D view of what might be their new sofa. Augmented reality helped customers visualize their dream sofa, and optimize Bolia’s sales.