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A massive multiplayer online game

Technology: Games and Entertainment Client: Cartoon Network Keywords: browser-game, multiplayer


Cartoon Network are the creators of popular children’s’ shows such as “Adventure Time”, “Gumball”, and “Regular Show”. The universes they create are wacky and colorful. It is their trademark, and millions of people love it. To keep their fans engaged in more ways they commissioned the creation of “Fusion Fall” – a massive multi-player online game (MMO) based on the characters from Cartoon Network and played by millions of kids all over the world, developed by Grigon Entertainment.


Until the time of Unity Studios involvement, “Fusion Fall” was a downloadable client application. This is the typical choice for such games, however it does limit the user base, as not all potential users may have access to download a game onto the PC they are using – for instance if the machine is in a library. Grigon Entertainment therefore decided to evolve the game from being a downloadable client application into, instead, a browser-based game, using Unity 3D.


Unity Studios dedication to deliver a good product meant sending a team of specialists to work alongside the game development team in South Korea for over six months. In order to allow the Korean development team to continue development using their existing technology and production pipeline, a setup of Fully Automated Project Conversion Build servers and asset conversion code was developed, while the Unity-based project was developed in parallel.
After many months of on-site work, Unity Studios continued development and support remotely from their office in Aarhus, Denmark. After launch of the game Unity Studios remained involved with development of additional game functions and features.