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Grundfos Remote Support

Technology: Mixed Reality Client: Grundfos Keywords: mixed-reality


Unity Studios has in collaboration with Grundfos developed a Remote Support solution, which removed geographical distances from the equation of service of Grundfos installations. Previously, an expert had to travel to location of the customer in order to provide service and maintenance. By using Mixed Reality and AI technology, this is no longer required.

The Remote Support solution provides significant savings related to travel –and downtime expenses while simultaneously provide Grundfos’ customers with a reliable solution, which ensures that problems and be resolved quickly as an on-site technician is guided by a remote expert, located anywhere in the world, through a Microsoft HoloLens.

Additionally, the solution is ideal for routine checks, as the user has the opportunity to visualize data in real time through the HoloLens, which creates an easy overview of the status of the installation. The remote expert further has the opportunity to view the situation from the perspective of the technician, as well as viewing the whole installation from above, which creates the optimal circumstances for guidance via VoIP. Mixed Reality makes it possible to view datasheets, service manuals, video and 3D models as an added layer to the physical world, which enables the technician to receive guidance without using hands, in order to receive guidance and work simultaneously.  Thus, Unity Studios has developed a valuable and reliable tool for the individual employee and Grundfos as an organization, and not least the customers of Grundfos.

Grundfos Challenges

Grundfos is a global market leader within advanced pump solutions. Grundfos’ is differentiated by high quality solutions, as well as focusing on the individual customer needs. Grundfos aims at always working with an innovative approach to develop new pump solutions and systems.

Grundfos demanded a solution which could help the organization save time and costs related to service and maintenance of installations. Maintenance services have always been expensive and time consuming for Grundfos, because it required and expert to travel to the specific location, in order to identify and resolve challenges on-site.

Grundfos was looking for an effective service solution, which simultaneously creates value for customers by resolving their problems faster and easier. Grundfos reached out to Unity Studios in order to develop a solution for remote support by use of AI and Mixed Reality.   

The Solution developed by Unity Studios

In collaboration, Unity Studios and Grundfos reached a remote support solution which combines Mixed Reality and AI technology.

The remote expert solution emphasizes an on-site technician who, through a Microsoft HoloLens, receives “remote support” from an off-site expert located anywhere in the world. The expert has an “in-person” view of the on-site technician which enables high level guidance by use of voice (VoIP), text and other tools, such as annotations and pointing-tools.

Furthermore, the expert can follow the technician through a “top-down” view when the technician is walking through the customers’ facility. This is possible through a 3D scan of the location which is automatically generated by the HoloLens. The expert  can place “beacons” with the purpose to guide and assist the technician to reach the correct installation.

Hand free access  to data in real time

Microsoft IoT Hub is used to constantly collect data in real time from various systems and installations. Hence, the user is presented with holographic data dashboards in real time, as well as historic data through the HoloLens.

By using AI solutions the technician is able to access the right information without wasting valuable time on manually searching for the right information.

Knowledge sharing and visualization

MR is an easy way for organizations to transfer knowledge between two locations. Service technicians is able to, while they work on an assignment, access and visualize expert knowledge through the HoloLens from anywhere in the world.

Reduce costs

The implementation of Mixed Reality can increase efficiency of service and reduce costs related to service travels. When the service of installations can be resolved “remotely” it will reduce costs related to downtime as the time required for solving the problem is significantly diminished.

Reduce time and distances

Geographical distances become irrelevant when people can collaborate through MR. Hence, it is insignificant where in the world an installation is located. The customer will be provided with quick service without the need of an on-site expert.

A value-creating tool for employees

MR provide employees with a tool which is easy to use and highly applicable as it increases the quality of the service. Employees is presented with guidelines and important information, displayed as digital layer on top of the physical installation.

A decisive tool 

The solution is used to as a tool in the daily operations for routine checks etc., due to its ability to provide the user with a simple and comprehensive overview of the status of installations. The user receives warnings regarding potential problems, which ensures that solutions can be applied in time, while the Remote Expert support solution ensures that an off-site expert is always available to assist the on-site technician.

Operational reliability in real time

The Remote Support solution provide the customers of Grundfos various advantages, such as:

  • Quick access to expert knowledge
  • Reliable on-site support
  • Minimal downtime
  • Quick solutions to problems
  • A calm mind

Usually it can take days when an expert needs to travel to specific on-site locations. This solution eliminates the travel time, because it enable immediate knowledge sharing which can be accessed through local resources, which reduce the customers’ downtime significantly.

Thus, Unity Studios provide customers with a reliable solution that reduce downtime and further ensures customers with the reliability of Grundfos products.