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Grundfos VR Tool

Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Grundfos Keywords: virtual reality, virtual training


The Danish company Grundfos is a global leader when it comes to advanced pump solutions.Their high quality is what sets them apart from competition, as they are always sensitive to the individual customer’s needs, remain innovative in their approach to water pump solutions, and always look for ways in which to improve themselves and keep up with latest trends.


A key challenge in large companies these days is efficient retention and redistribution of key knowledge. Grundfos has developed a set of focus-points that should ensure valuable knowledge is not held solely by individual employees, but distributed through the company – two of these points being speed and optimization. This requires consistent and high quality training of staff, so as to equip them best possible to the tasks at hand.


At Unity Studios we work with the philosophy of learning by doing. In order to improve retention of new knowledge we aimed to make training instructions interactive and intuitive. Virtual reality presents some interesting opportunities for such a solution and the HTC Vive was an obvious choice, due to its handheld controllers. In cooperation with Grundfos, we developed a training module for their employees to use. The module will ensure a higher standard of training and understanding of tasks and thereby preserve key knowledge, which is a priority for the company.