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Billboard advert that reacts as people pass it

Technology: Interactive Installations Client: Lindbergh Keywords: billboard, interactive, kinect


Lindbergh is a clothing brand for men and part of the Scandinavian PWT-group. PWT can boast of healthy profits in their annual report both from 2013/14 and 2014/15, which refelcts on their strong position in men’s fashion throughout Northern Europe. Lindbergh is partly responsible for the positive trend, retailing stylish men’s wear in more than 20 countries. Lindbergh is through PWT-group a part of Denmark’s largest clothing retailer for men.


A part of Lindbergh’s motto is problem solving, and preferably finding cool solutions to problems. A persistent “problem” for retailers is finding new ways in which to attract new customers to their shops. This was not made any less challenging due to this particular Lindbergh shop being placed in the busy Copenhagen (CPH) Airport. In other words, PWT needed to grab people’s attention and direct it towards their Lindbergh store.


In order to grab people’s attention, we wanted to create something that was interactive by nature, pleasing to look at, whilst advertising brand and products. The solution came in the shape of a large screen, made out of several smaller screens, placed in the shop window, connected to a Microsoft Kinect device. At first glance the screen simply displays a billboard advert, however, the small tiles on the screen start to rotate as people move in front of it – the Kinect device picking up their movements. Unexpected movement attracts the eye, whilst novelty attracts the mind, and the screen will therefore attract people’s attention towards the Lindbergh store, which increases chances of enticing more customers, compared to a standard billboard.