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Interactive wall with Kinect

Technology: Interactive Installations Client: Microsoft Keywords: interactive, kinect


Microsoft is the world’s largest software company, and therefore also has offices around the world. One of these offices can be found in London, a city known for its trading and business. London is a high profile city, and Microsoft UK need their offices to be interesting and exciting for anyone who visits.


Microsoft UK already had a vision of a media wall to be placed in their reception area – something that underlines the company’s dedication to technology and customer engagement. They had a design in place and knew they wanted to engage people with questions through their search engine Bing, but they still needed a software design that could implement and run their idea.


By utilizing the Unity engine, and combining it with a Microsoft Kinect, we were able to create the interactive media wall Microsoft UK was looking for. The idea was for this wall to grab people’s attention as they walk past. The wall was therefore designed with a slight amount of movement whilst idle, and as soon as a person is detected by the Kinect an area of the screen will highlight and reveal a question. In order to ensure a clean and simple design, we simply let the question hang in the tile for a while, allowing the person to think of the answer, before flipping the tile, revealing the correct answer through Bing. If the person stays within range of the Kinect, a new question will shortly follow, keeping the media wall engaging. The wall is an interesting and different way of entertaining people whilst they reside in a reception area, whilst also showing useful ways in which other companies can make use of the Microsoft Kinect.