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3D simulation

Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Procter & Gamble Keywords: oculus-rift, simulator


Procter & Gamble is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer products and owner of well-known brands such as Gillette, Pampers, and Duracell. They value high quality in their products, tailored to give the consumer the best possible experience. P&G know that innovation revolves around the customer, and understanding their needs and daily lives is the essence of sales and business.


For this reason, the company continuously tests and optimizes the product packaging and presentation of products in stores. In the past, tests were performed by building large physical test stores in which products were put on display, and Procter & Gamble analysts directed and observed the movements and behaviors of test-consumers. These tests are necessary in order to understand consumer habits and establishing optimal sales of products. However, it is also a very costly and time-consuming process.


With the new digital opportunities Procter & Gamble could make use of a realistic 3D Virtual Reality simulator that mimics shopping in a real store. Procter & Gamble’s 3D simulator is developed by Unity Studios and built using the Unity® engine. Volunteering consumers are supplied with an Oculus Rift device and can then move around in the virtual store.

The simulator provides Procter & Gamble with several major advantages. They can rearrange the shelving units, change the packaging style, and more, with just the push of a button. The simulator is also exceptionally flexible, therefore, when Procter & Gamble needs to add new items, Unity Studios can easily develop and implement the functions required.

Unity Studios’ solution also lets Procter & Gamble visualize valuable data on customer behavior – for instance, graphs that show which areas of the store that sell most items. Procter & Gamble can thereby illustrate to storeowners how they can increase sales by optimizing store and shelf layout – putting data and statistics to good use.