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Saxo Virtual Environment (SVE)

Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Saxo Bank Keywords: multi-user, Unity 3D, virtual reality


Saxo Bank offers some of the world’s most sophisticated trading platforms and specializes in e-commerce and investment. From an early stage, Saxo Bank has pioneered in providing advanced solutions for professionals and private customers worldwide. The bank aspires to always be at the forefront of the latest digital trends and tendencies on the market.


To demonstrate its position as an innovative Fin Tech leader, Saxo Bank initiated a research and development project with the purpose of accommodating the technological evolution while, simultaneously, improving the company’s internal communication.

As Saxo Bank recognizes the importance of virtual reality, its increasing popularity amongst companies and the benefits that the technology brings, the ultimate goal was to create a 3D platform where Saxo-employees could interact and arrange meetings in a virtual multi-user space. The platform later became known as Saxo Virtual Environment (SVE).


In collaboration with Unity Studios, Saxo Bank developed a virtual in-house multiuser platform, SVE, which establishes a secure and steady digital solution for meetings and collaboration between Saxo-employees and the company’s offices on a global scale. The platform enables the employees to share and mediate internal knowledge across borders while creating virtual experiences in interplay.

The platform takes distance out the equation and reduces time as well as travel costs by offering remote support. The digital platform combines multi-user functionality with virtual reality and desktop monitoring and streaming. Furthermore, the platform comprises a virtual replay system that allows employees to record virtual meetings on their computer screens and control these recordings with ‘pause-play’ and ‘fast forward’ functions.

Since the release of SVE, Saxo Bank has integrated the platform in several areas and today, the SVE foundation constitutes all future VR use-cases within training and events. The platform is utilized at recruitment fairs, events, seminars and partner conferences and much more, with an overall purpose of promoting Saxo Bank and its products and services.

The VR solution has several benefits and values:

  • The platform creates awareness of Saxo Bank’s status as an innovative Fin Tech leader.
  • The platform can be used to onboard, teach, train and retain employees.
  • The user can use the platform for problem-solving and knowledge sharing.
  • The multi-user functionality makes it possible to hold meetings, collaborate internally and train multiple employees at once.
  • The platform can reduce time and travel costs and expenses for employees.
  • The platform can be used for conferences and events to promote present and future projects.
  • The user can visualize data in 3D to enhance its understanding.
  • The platform opens up for rebuilding and reorganization of countless user experiences. This provides the opportunity to enhance the platform’s performance continuously.