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Sunlight simulator

Technology: Virtual Reality Client: Velux Keywords: CAD, simulation, Unity 3D


Velux is a Danish company renowned for its high quality skylight and window solutions. The company is actively working towards the creation of smarter homes, and are using the latest technology to offer best possible products to its customers. Innovation and Corporate Responsibility are just a couple of the things that make Velux stand out as a company.


Virtual reality experienced great exposure to the public in 2016 and is becoming an increasingly enticing medium for companies to utilize. But how do you start exploring such new technology in a way that allows the platform to become more than just entertainment, thereby providing the foundation of a future business case.


The first part of a solution was to show what happens when we take a CAD-file and use the converted elements within the Unity 3D engine. It allows the viewer to move around inside the designed room and see, from a first-person perspective, how Velux windows improve a home during various light settings.