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3D architectural designer for web

Technology: Customizable Simulations Client: Velux Keywords: browser-based, simulation


Velux is a Danish based company that specializes in skylights and windows. The company has steadily grown over the past 75 years, and it now operates in over 40 different countries. They value quality highly and strive for excellence in their products.


Velux believes in their power to change people’s lives through good lighting, and they wanted to give their customers the power to experience this difference through their own curiosity and exploration. They also needed this experience to be easily accessible, which meant having it on their website and ensuring it was runnable on most home computers and laptops.


Unity Studios designed a browser-based 3D application to simulate the light improvement achieved when using Velux windows. The application offers a user-friendly, personalized experience that let’s you test any setup of Velux windows in a virtual house similar to your own, at different times of day, and in varying weather conditions. In other words, you can see the changes made to your house before making a purchase. Unity Studios handled the development of the applications front-end, as well as a back-end administration system, which allows Velux to customize the application based on product availability, pricing etc. within various areas.