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An interactive installation

Technology: Data Visualization Client: Swiss Hosoya Schaefer Architects Keywords: encyclopedia, interactive


Swiss Hosoya Schaefer Architects is known for some inspiring projects over the years, which lead them to collaborate with the Volkswagen Group, Shiftcontrol, and Büro Destruct to create the MobiGlobe media installation in Autostadt back in 2006. Autostadt, placed in Wolfsburg, is one of Germany’s biggest attractions, and the company’s public face. Autostadt informs and educates its visitors, for instance, on how society’s development depends on infrastructure and transportation possibilities.


The essential part of Version 1.0 of Mobiglobe was developed by Skogmo and Shiftcontrol on the Unity platform. However, there were ambitions of creating and even more complex iteration in this long-term project, by way of multiple platforms. In order to achieve this there was a need for more software developers who were experts in Unity-3D, and so Unity Studios joined production in 2012.


Using interactive 3D, MobiGlobe functions as an interactive encyclopedia – one that combines huge amounts of data and visualizes them in an intuitive, accessible, relevant, and interesting fashion. To deliver the intended interactive experience, it is crucial that the experience runs smoothly and intuitively – with every screen responding immediately to the visitors’ touches and gestures. Unity Studios re-developed the software for MobiGlobe to ensure this, rewriting the code-base, and optimizing it for the launch of the MobiSpace, MobiSphere, and Mobi-iPads. The whole system is exceptionally reliable and can run non-stop for 48 hours at a time.