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DSB and Unity Studios will change your experience of public transport

Published: November 27, 2019

Unity Studios is part of a four-year framework agreement to develop large virtual- and augmented reality solutions for DSB, the Danish National Railroads. The agreement involves developing virutal- and augmented reality solutions, with the purpose to increase the customer service-experience through improvements of service equipment, training of employees, and interactive customer experiences.

The next four years, DSB will test various opportunities related to the integration of Virtual- and Augmented Reality. The purpose of the framework-agreement, which is estimated to the value of 8 million DKK, is to enhance training procedures of train crews, service personnel, maintenance of equipment, and to increase the experience of people traveling with DSB.

“We see a huge potential in implementing both VR and AR (Virtual- and Augmented Reality) in areas such as procedural training and instructions. For instance, we have already very positive experiences with testing VR in training programs of our service personnel.”  – DSB

Based on award-winning projects with companies such as Grundfos, Total, Ramboll, and Saxo Bank, Unity Studios has presented strong references, suggesting how DSB and their customers will benefit from integrating a mix of Virtual- and Augmented Reality technologies, and Unity Studios has been evaluated based on strong competencies in developing customized 3D multi-user experiences across multi-technology solutions.

“At Unity Studios, we are proud to be part of this agreement, which means that we will collaborate with DSB during the coming four years on comprehensive VR and AR solutions. This agreement reflects a strong development in the technologies as well as a strong innovative desire at DSB to enhance the quality of training their workforce and to increase the customer-experience of DSB travelers.”  – Mads B. Troelsgaard, CEO Unity Studios.

Learning by Doing

As the first official Microsoft HoloLens partner in Scandinavia and the only official Microsoft Mixed Reality partner in Denmark, Unity Studios are specialists in highly technical and complex solutions and believe that VR and AR beneficially can be implemented throughout the organization of DSB and become an integrated part of their learning management system. Using VR and AR as training tools is proven to be a highly effective way of learning by doing, as it is both interactive and fun.

AR provides an additional digital layer added to reality, which means that repairs and maintenance of equipment can be completed faster and more efficient since technicians do not have to stop in order to check manuals. Additionally, the technological qualities of AR enable organizations to provide advanced consumer experiences, such as guiding passengers on their journey with DSB.