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Unity Studios & Grundfos nominated in prestigious learning award.

Published: November 15, 2019

World-renowned award show recognizes new Virtual Reality training platform with important nomination

A new Virtual Reality training platform, developed by Unity Studios in collaboration with Grundfos, has been nominated for the British Learning Award 2020.

Every year, the competition celebrates companies and organizations from all over the world, who by the use of innovational thinking manages to optimize internal learning -and educational processes within organizations.

The training platform is developed by Unity Studios in close collaboration with Grundfos and is nominated in the category of Learning Technologies, together with six other nominees.

So far, the platform includes seven different Virtual Reality training applications, all aiming at educating employees in several processes in different locations and is used in 5 different languages, and implemented in China, Serbia, Hungary, and Denmark.

Most of the applications are targeted production workers, where training consists of completing a series of virtual versions of physical installations of machines, such as montage, measures of depth and centering, assembling construction parts, and packing a completed pump and preparing it for transportation.

The use of Virtual Reality is already showing impressive results

Traditionally, when training new employees, it required expert assistance from a senior employee who would manage the training. Furthermore, the specific machine used for training was removed from the workflow, interrupting production-flow, and causing slow learning processes and erratic quality.

Thus, the Virtual Reality training platform not only distributes and retains knowledge but also standardizes the learning experience in order to increase the overall quality of employee training on a global scale by offering the same training process to all Grundfos employees.

By utilizing Virtual Reality, the training sessions become interactive and intuitive, which creates the optimal conditions for a successful “learning-by-doing” process as the applications allow employees’ physical movements to be mirrored in a safe virtual environment. The employees complete a series of steps with interactive guidance from voice, text or visual guides, which can be altered depending on needs and competencies, thus adjusting the level of difficulty.

Whether Unity Studios and Grundfos are proclaimed as winners of the Learning Technologies Award 2020, will be announced at the Learning Award Show which takes place in February 2020 at the Hilton Hotel in central London.

To read more about the full scope of the project, take a look here.


Further information: PR & Communications Assistant at Unity Studios Mathias Riisgaard, telephone +45 8617 1833