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Unity Studios and Grundfos win prestigious German Design Award

Published: November 21, 2019

Renowned international design competition recognizes new Mixed Reality solution and hands it the winner’s price

A new Mixed Reality Remote Support application, developed by Unity Studios for Grundfos, has been rewarded the winner’s prize in the German Design Awards 2019. The German Design Awards, by the German Design Council, are among the most prestigious design competitions worldwide and enjoy an excellent reputation far beyond specialist circles.

Every year, the competition celebrates high-caliber entries in the fields of product and communication design, who are honored and each of which blazes new trails in the international design landscape and those who beat out the high-caliber competitors have successfully proven that they are among the best.

The Mixed Reality solution which earlier this year, was awarded the winners’ price by the Danish Digital Awards in the Innovation-category, is rewarded as the winner of the category of Excellent Communications Design – Interactive User Experience. The solution emphasizes a combination of multiple technologies such as Mixed Reality and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and aims to offer AI assistance, real-time data and remote technical support to on-site technicians using a Microsoft HoloLens. The solution enables an on-site technician to receive remote support from a remote expert, who is located anywhere in the world. The expert is able to view the situation from the perspective of the on-site technician through the HoloLens and have the ability to guide and assist the technician in solving problems, through voice, text, 3D models, and other guiding tools.

Additionally, the remote expert can access the session through a Virtual Reality headset. This cross-technological solution is enabled by 3D models and a 3D scan of the environment of the technician, automatically done by the HoloLens, which the expert can enter and thus achieve an even higher degree of interaction, which strengthens the support and learning session between the remote expert and on-site technician.

Mixed Reality creates important reliability

The application is used both in relation to sudden problems but also in relation to daily operations and routines as it provides the user with an easy overview of the status of installations. It furthermore provides the on-site technician with warnings in case of potential problems, which ensures that problems can be managed in time, resulting in minimum downtime and reduce the time and space between problems and solutions.

The Mixed Reality solution offers effective qualities in relation to visual knowledge sharing between experts and technicians. All sessions are stored, which means that knowledge is stored and standardized and is easily retrieved.

Mixed Reality offers an easy and applicable tool, which has proven to enhance the quality of work, as well as reducing the time and space between knowledge. Employees are presented with guidelines and critical information as a digital layer on top of the physical installations.



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