By utilizing interactive 3D, virtual-, augmented- and mixed reality we are able to create the future of training. Virtual training helps to simulate real-world events, processes, and tasks, and is designed with the purpose of maximizing the level of learning.

Virtual training lets us apply a learning by doing approach, however keeping the doing in a safe and controlled virtual environment.

Applying virtual training is closely related to the theory of Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience – it is when we actually do things, in a simulation or in real life, we remember them.

At Unity Studios, we have extensive experience in guiding, designing, developing, and implementing these virtual training solutions. Let us act as your advisors and developers if you are interested in approaching the future of training.

virtual training

With virtual training, you can:

  • Implement a learning by doing approach
  • Increase speed and effectiveness of training and education
  • Utilize know-how, dissemination of knowledge, and make sure to keep key-knowledge in-house
  • Make education and training motivational and engaging by applying game mechanics and designs
  • Provide a risk-free training and learning environment that won’t slow down production or damage equipment etc.
  • Ensure alignment in training and education – no bad habits are passed along