We introduce Synergy Discover, the first member of our new xR product family, Synergy

Synergy Discover is the first of three XR products in the SYNERGY family. With SYNERGY Discover you can visualize 3D models, PDFs, icons, images, and videos in Augmented Reality. All you need is the SYNERGY application and a smartphone or tablet.

Can you imagine having your entire product catalog in your back pocket while you are on the go? This is now possible with SYNERGY Discover, where you can browse your own secure, cloud-based Synergy Content Backend and place your virtual products in the real environment.

The use cases are plenty – learn more below.

Place, scale, elevate, and rotate objects

Synergy Discover allows you to place your 3D models, PDFs, images, icons and videos in Augmented Reality. Whether you want to showcase your products to a client, show early designs to colleagues, or whether you want to decorate your entire office – Synergy Discover got you covered.

Browse your product catalog, select an object, and then scan a surface to place it. Once your virtual objects are placed, you can move them, scale them, rotate them, and elevate them.

Access product information and link to webpage

Synergy gives you the opportunity to upload product information and webpage links to your content. When showing a client or other stakeholders your products in Augmented Reality, you thereby have the possibility to access information with the push of a button.

Visualizing your products in Augmented Reality presents great opportunities for showcasing your products to potential customers, without being forced to move large, physical products. Synergy Discover can be your new sales tool.

Placement of multiple objects

Do you want to tell a story about your products or onboard new employees? Synergy Discover allows you to place multiple objects in Augmented Reality. Place images, video, icons, and PDFs around your 3D model to showcase all the information you want.

With Synergy Discover you can place content while presenting to clients or colleagues, but the application also lets you prepare for a meeting, as you can set up your content in the room before the meeting takes place, and dazzle your colleagues or clients with the power of AR.

SYNERGY Discover is developed with the purpose of providing businesses with a valuable tool, that is easy and intuitive to use for employees

One application, many use cases

Product catalog

It has never been easier to bring your entire product catalog on the go, while at the same being able to present 3D models of your products in Augmented reality. Browse your catalog and show your products to potential customers or other stakeholders. Place the content wherever you like – the tracking is completely markerless. 

Product knowledge

Add PDFs, images, and videoes with product information besides your products or simply show information about the product with the push of a button. Allow employees to access and present key information in new and engaging ways, which can be of value to all stakeholders. 

Visualization & Design reviews

Visualize your products at any stage in the development process – save time and money, as you reduce the number of prototypes needed. Upload the newest 3D model to your backend and present it to key stakeholders in AR. Synergy Discover increases your flexibility and allows you to have design reviews on the fly. 


Synergy Discover presents valuable options for onboarding, as new employees can have the entire product catalogue on their tablet or smartphone. Hence, empolyees can become familiar with the products in record time and have access to valuable information, with the push of a button.

Installations & Layout

Design your office or factory floor in augmented reality. Explore how machines and equipment fit into a space, or how the entire assembly line could be placed. Synergy Discover also enables you to place video, images or PDFs around physical installations to tell a story or provide important knowledge to employees


With Synergy Discover you can show your products at expos without having to transport your large, physical products to the location, which is very costly. If you decide to bring your physical product, Synergy Discover can be a valuable tool for storytelling and for providing visitors with information in videoes, images or PDFs.

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